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Core Concepts for Using Extensibility Framework

This session is an introduction to the core concepts of extensibility framework (EF) and will cover the basic components for EF development. We will showcase a number of solutions for common business needs that are only possible with the power and versatility of the extensibility framework. Speaker: Richard Schosky - Advoco

Customizing How You See Your Data with User Defined Grids & View

A reliable and high-quality Infor EAM system starts with reliable and high-quality data. We will discuss the use of grids in conjunction with user defined views. Grids and views not only display data in a usable format, but also can be used to create relationships where they may not have previously existed. Speaker: Elizabeth Stauder - Advoco

Making the Cloud Your Strategic Advantage in Industry 4.0

To thrive in an Industry 4.0 world, you need to leverage interconnectivity and cloud capabilities, helping you to move from preventive to predictive maintenance. In this session, Kevin Price, a leader on the Infor EAM development team will show you how to collect information from anywhere in your manufacturing process to foster innovation and greater productivity. He will dive into analyzing business data from multiple sources on a single platform to improve decision-making. Additionally, he will explore how the global reach and secure on-demand resources of AWS can help your business scale. Speaker: Kevin Price - Infor

Flex Business Rules for Desktop

This breakout session will introduce the use of Flex Business Rules. Flex Business Rules are self-contained SQL statements that are triggered by events. These can be used to manipulate data, guide user behavior, and provide data validation. Speakers: Jon Vaughn & Ayana Shabazz - Advoco

Triggering Events Using Alert Management

What happens when you have high priority work orders that have gone unaddressed over a period of time? How do you find the work? With Alert Management! This feature gives you the ability to trigger alerts (emails or work orders) based on a pre-written query to help give you visibility into your system. With Alert Management you can configure your system to automatically search the database for specific data without you having to trigger the search. Speakers: Jared Copperwheat & Jim Lazio - Advoco

Introduction to Ming.le, ION, & Single Sign On

Join this breakout session to learn how Single Sign On works for Infor CloudSuite applications. We will focus on Infor EAM and Infor Operating Service with an emphasis on Ming.le and federated security. EAM desktop, mobile, and web services client connections will be addressed and the options of using ION API for EAM mobile authentication. Most of the information will apply to on-premise installs as well. Speaker: Stefan Vannatta - Advoco

Options for Integration

There are several tools you can use to accomplish your integration such as ION, Data bridge, and Web Services. In this breakout session we will compare Infor EAM integration tools to assist you in determining which one is the right fit for your organization. We will also share some tips for integrating EAM and ERP and pitfalls to avoid. Speaker: Tim Davis - Advoco



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